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Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

Catalog > Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

Gratitude Gift Bags provide an eco friendly approach to gift wrapping.
It's a simple idea: reduce waste by eliminating the need for one-use wrapping paper. Use or give these super cute re-useable cloth bags over and over again.

*Made in the USA*

Celtic Cloth Wine Bag-cloth wine bags, eco friendly, gratitude gift bags, christmas, xmas, celtic, gift
Celtic Cloth Wine Bag
Golden Zebra Wine Bag-zebra stripe, gratitude gifts bags, wine bag, Christmas, open house, stocking stuffer,hostess gift, reusable, eco friendly
Golden Zebra Wine Bag
Girly Swirly Cloth Wine Bag-girly swirly, gratitude gift bags, wine bag, resuable cloth bag, eco friendly, gift, xmas gift, hostess gift, thank you, go green
Girly Swirly Cloth Wine Bag
BlueShimmer Cloth Gift Bag-blue shimmer gift bag, gratitude gift bags, hostess gift, eco friendly, reusable bags, cloth gift bag, christmas wrapping paper, cloth wrapping paper
BlueShimmer Cloth Gift Bag
Blue Teal Diamond Gift Bag-blue teal, gift bag, gratitude gift bags, hostess gift, xmas, Christmas gift,reusable bag, eco friendly, cloth bag
Blue Teal Diamond Gift Bag
Celtic Cloth Gift Bag-teal blue gift bag, gift, xmas gift, Christmas gift, wrapping paper, eco friendly, hostess gift, reusable cloth bag, gratitude gift bags
Celtic Cloth Gift Bag
Cranberry Glam Medium Gift Bag-cranberry, glam, gift bag, cloth bag, xmas bag, hostess gift, gratitude gift bags, gift, christmas gift
Cranberry Glam Medium Gift Bag
Girly Swirly Medium Gift Bag-girly swirly, medium guft bag, gratitude gift bags, xmas gift bag, eco friendly, reusable, cloth bag, hostess gift, wrapping paper
Girly Swirly Medium Gift Bag
Hawaiian Passion Medium Gift Bag-hawaiian passion, gratitude gift bags, medieum size, hostess gift, xmas bag, Christmas bag, wrappingpaper, eco friendly, reusable, cloth bag
Hawaiian Passion Medium Gift Bag
Celtic Medium Cloth Gift Bag-celtic gift bag, gratitude gift bags, xmas wrapping paper, wrapping paper, hostess gift, christmas wrapping, xmas bag
Celtic Medium Cloth Gift Bag
Red Swirls Medium Gift Bag-red swirls, gift bag, gratitude gift bags, xmas bags, christmas bags, wrapping paper, reusable, cloth bags, eco friendly, go green wrapping
Red Swirls Medium Gift Bag
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