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Sale Items

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Mini Xmas Stocking STRIPES-handknit stocking, hand knit stocking, mini stocking, christmas stocking, holiday stocking, gift
Mini Xmas Stocking STRIPES
$9.00 $4.50
Mini Xmas Stocking HOLLY-handknit, hand knit, handknit stocking, mini stocking, christmas stocking, holiday stocking, holiday gift, christmas gift
Mini Xmas Stocking HOLLY
$9.00 $4.50
COOL TO-GO CUPS!-cha cha, coffee to go cup,coffee, tumbler, coffee tumblers, gift, unique, fun, festive, holidays, to go cups,
$14.00 $5.50
Earrings Red Pearl Apple Tree-red pearl,  earrings, funky, fun, unique earrings, gift
Earrings Red Pearl Apple Tree
$18.00 $10.80
Earrings  Namibian Amazonite-Earrings, amazonite, blue, sterling silver, fun, unique, funky, cool earrings
Earrings Namibian Amazonite
$16.00 $9.60
Earrings Pretty In Pink-pink earrings, fun, funky, cool earrings, unique, RHODONITE, silver plated
Earrings Pretty In Pink
$14.00 $8.40
Earrings  Jade Branch-jade earrings, cool earrings, fun, funky, unique, jade bead
Earrings Jade Branch
$14.00 $8.40
Earrings Baby Blue Tear Drop-blue earrings, tear drop earrings, tear drop, fun, cool earrings, funky earrings
Earrings Baby Blue Tear Drop
$12.00 $7.20
Earrings-Black Onyx Nest-black, onyx, earrings, cool earrings, fun funky earrings
Earrings-Black Onyx Nest
$14.00 $8.40
Earrings Forest Jasper-earrings, forest green, jasper, unique, funky, fun, accessories, jewelry
Earrings Forest Jasper
$14.00 $8.40
Pink Ribbon Runner Magnet-magnet, pink, ribbon, runner,
Pink Ribbon Runner Magnet
$6.00 $4.75
Stemware Adornments  Wine Charms for Wine Glasses-Stemwares Adornments, Wine, Charms, Wine Glasses
Stemware Adornments Wine Charms for Wine Glasses
$15.00 $10.95
"She Who Loves Golf"  Luggage/Bag Tags-tags, luggage, bags, golf, tennis, yoga, gym, backpacks
"She Who Loves Golf" Luggage/Bag Tags
$8.00 $6.50
"This is Not Your Bag"  Luggage/Bag Tag-luggage tag, bag tag, tag, gift tag, package tag, yoga bag
"This is Not Your Bag" Luggage/Bag Tag
$8.00 $6.50
Out of Stock
Pink Ribbon Survivor Bag Tag-pink ribbon, survivor, bag tag,tag, pink, ribbon
Pink Ribbon Survivor Bag Tag
$5.00 $3.75

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Page 3 of 9

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