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Wine Totes/Spirit Liftahs
Bottle Openers
NEW Market Totes
Flip Notes~Address Books
TAGS~Luggage & Bag 
Reusable Cloth Gift Bags
All For Color!!
XMAS and StkingStuffers!!
Travel/Drink Cups~Coozies!
NEW Items!
HOLIDAY Knit Mini Sox
HandKnit  Bottle Toppers
"Personalize Your Life" 
Good Earth Products
  Lotion Bar
  Lip Balms & Butters
Cool Gifts
Magnets ~ Wild & Fun
  Cool Gifts ~ CLEARANCE!
  Knitwear ~ CLEARANCE!
  Bracelets ~ CLEARANCE!
  Earrings ~ CLEARANCE!
  Beaded Bags 
  Fun Stuff  ~ CLEARANCE!
Featured Items
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About Us

OLLIE MCKAY'S began with my desire to create a shopping experience that was more enjoyable!  "Mall" shopping has never been a favorite of mine.  After many years in various areas of marketing and sales, I decided to get my feet wet and take the plunge into the world of retail.  Named after my wonderful grandmothers ~ Olive and Daisy McKay ~ OLLIE MCKAY'S was born!  This creation of mine would not have happened without the love and support of my husband, daughter, son and extended family and their belief in me as a wife, mother and business woman!

I hope you find your shopping experience with OLLIE MCKAY'S to be fun and delightful.  PLEASE let us know any suggestions you may have for new prodcuts that you would like to see in our boutique!

P.S. Also available is our OLLIE MCKAY'S home party plan for Local Virginians!  Invite your friends & family over for an OLLIE shopping experience.  "Cash & Carry" ~ all items in stock ~ Earn shopping $$ ~ all in the comfort of your home!  Please contact us for more information at customerservice@olliemckays.com .

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